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Coarse CRM


Pilbara Standards offers a unique proposition in the coarse CRM market.

Proven to produce homogenous outcomes, our proprietary design rotary sample dividers (RSD) can make a diverse range of sample weights and divisions of coarse CRM from a range of batch sizes - from less than 1 tonne to a massive 43 tonnes - without compromising the sample division process.

We can manufacture to a client-specified mass per sample from less than
1kg to 4kg.

Pilbara Standards ensures the quality of our end product by conducting all stages of the CRM production process in-house - across sample receival, drying, crushing, screening to size, homogenisation, sample-division, bagging, dispatch and certification.


We use best-practice sample preparation and homogenisation techniques, and all aspects of the process are customisable to clients specific requirements.

Pilbara Standards’ RSD is able to deliver in excess of 10,000 samples for commonly requested sample weights. This provides mining and laboratory clients with:

  • long-run control charts to monitor performance over time

  • sufficient material to share between multiple users or sites, and

  • economies of scale giving cost savings per unit.

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